Together With Nature In - Yancheng Riverside Club Design Project Hongde Jiang

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Digital Process - Time Lapse Video

Who says there’s no process when designing with computers?


Tensegrity Space frame Light by Michal Maciej Bartosik

Comprised of a four strut lamp module whose geometry is the derivative of a cube.


Facultad Economia UDP by Duque Motta

The result of a competition organised by the university for the revision of the master plan for the new campus Huechuraba.


Vargas House, Mexico by Isaac Broid Arquitecto | via

Towards the roads and neighboring buildings: a concrete block with few openings. Towards the distant landscape and the golf course: a series of volumes that frame the view towards infinity.

Rusty steel bodies, separated from each other to allow the “natural” to be introduced into the architecture, or to dissolve it between endogenous vegetation, proposing no precise boundary between “built” and the landscape, even if the latter is also man-made.

The same happens in section. The roof of the public spaces is manifested as a continuation of the surrounding vegetation, allowing users the sense of being in an open space beyond the limits of the property.

Photography: Yoshihiro Koitani

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Dutchess County Residence, Main House Allied Works Architecture

"Allied Works was commissioned to design a residence, guesthouse and private gallery on 400 acres in Dutchess County, New York. Located on the eastern slopes of the Hudson River Valley, the site consists of rolling hills, open meadow and dense hardwood forest. Each of the three buildings responds to a particular landscape. Collectively, the estate and its three primary structures create a range of sensory experiences and sites for artistic interpretation."


Casa Vargas by Isaac Broid Arquitecto

There are few openings facing the roads and neighbouring buildings, while a series of boxes frame the view towards the distant landscape and golf course. 


by novorozhden


by novorozhden


Axel Springer Campus by OMA

The new office block is bisected by a diagonal atrium that opens up to the existing Springer buildings

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